Laurie Excell


Laurie Excell is a wildlife photographer based in Oregon. As a self-proclaimed ‘lifelong photographer,’ Laurie’s career has really taken off. She is now the author of several books, a popular speaker, workshop leader, and contributing editor.

Her love affair with the camera began at the age of ten when her father handed her an old, beat up Pentax Spotmatic to occupy her attention and keep her out of trouble at a camera club outing in Southern Utah.

She has won several awards for photographic excellence through the years and for her photographic instruction skills. She has taught at Photoshop World several times, been guest speaker at many camera club and photo store events and provides one on one personal instruction geared to aspiring photographers learning to complete the process of image making by improving.

She leads Excellent Photo Adventures throughout North America taking small, intimate groups to some locations such as Alaska to photograph coastal brown bears, Yellowstone in winter, spring and fall to capture wildlife and the landscape at it’s best, Tornado Alley chasing super-cells with our cameras in hand along with many others.

Laurie is out judge for Our Four Legged Friends.

You can visit Laurie’s website and see her photography and workshop listings.

Laurie’s books: