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I am a professional artist, author, photographer, educator and public speaker. I believe that the practice of creative pursuits manifests not only in the making of art, but also has the ability to transform and enrich life, facilitate meaningful and rewarding experiences, and foster contentment and satisfaction through life-long discovery and learning.

Artist Statement

In my work I want to tell my stories. I want to create images that speak to my intimate connection with the land and the friendship I developed with places. I aim to portray a deep familiarity that transcends momentary glimpses of superficial beauty. My images are the result of a lasting and complex relationship that evolved and grew over nearly two decades, through times of bliss and conflict, love, fear and pain – a relationship as intricate as any I have had with another person.

Rather than pursue impressive feats of land and light, I seek instead to convey the quiet reverence and gratitude that fills me when I think of the way these places inspired and shaped my life and became my home. To do so, I must separate my own stories from those already inherent in the subjects, avoid the obvious and distill those qualities that make them not just beautiful or interesting in their own right, but personally meaningful to me – the things I could only discover and appreciate through personal knowledge and feeling and experience. The things I photograph are not just attractive models to me, they are friends and sanctuaries and multi-dimensional characters in my own story.

I do not photograph for the sake of photography, nor to simply document the external appearance of things, no matter how appealing they are in their own right. I photograph as a means of expressing things that I cannot express in any other way, and because it is important to me to share them, and to see if I can convince others to care for, and about, them in the same way that I do.

I do not consider myself as a photographer who creates art, but rather an artist working in the medium of photography. Where some photographers take a representational approach to the landscape, I wish instead to use visual elements and natural aesthetics as evocative metaphors, creating images that are not merely of, but about places and things that have become personally meaningful to me.

Publication credits

My work was featured in these fine publications:

  • LensWork Magazine
  • Outdoor Photographer Magazine
  • Popular Photography Magazine
  • Digital Photographer
  • Landscape Photography Magazine
  • PhotoLife
  • Foto4All
  • On Landscape

And others.

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