Brenda Tharp

2015-05-05_14-17-07After earning a degree in computer science, Brenda worked in the corporate world until 1985, when she thought she would wither away inside and decided to focus her energy and creativity in the direction of photography – specifically outdoor and travel photography.

To be sure, to survive the start-up of her new career, she initially photographed ‘everything and anything’ for clients, but her main focus was getting editorial assignments from travel and outdoor magazines, and licensing her photographs for stock usage.

Now, many years later, Brenda has run the gamut of doing editorial and advertising assignments, producing images for calendars, books, brochures, greeting cards and posters. A short list of clients includes British Gas, Canon USA, The Natural Museum of Chicago, Sierra Club, Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Outdoor Photography, Travel-Holiday Magazine, several inflight magazines, ATT, United Way and Red Cross.

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