Winter Wonderland

FIRST PLACE “Horse-drawn Carriage” by Eden Remme Watt (Eden Watt)

I just really love the feel of this image. I like how the background colors become muted through the dense snow, and the horses and carriage are saturated. I also like the shutter speed that was chosen, and how it froze the action and motion of the falling snow. . I also like the subtle use of the reverse vignette around the edges to concentrate your viewing on the center of the image. When I look at this image it just screams “winter” and makes me want to be there.

-Lewis Kemper

SECOND PLACE by Sue Joesten-Merritt

 (sue joesten-merritt)

I like the soft pastel colors in this image, and how the warm glow in the sky contrasts with the cool feel of the ice crystals. There is a very strong graphic element with the dark limbs of the tree contrasting with the white detail of the snow crystals. It makes me feel like I’m looking out the window on a very cold morning.

-Lewis Kemper/div>

Third Place “Lighthouse In The Mist” by Matthew E. Moses (Matthew Moses)

The quality of the light in this image is very strong. I like that purple pink glow in the fog and the miss at the base of the lighthouse cliff. I also like the composition and the use of the negative space in the sky, and how the colors transition from warm at the bottom to cool at the top. The exposure gives a nice amount of detail in the cliff areas without blowing out or causing any damage to the highlights. It certainly looks cold!

– Lewis Kemper

HONORABLE MENTION: by Ted R. Dinkel (Ted R. Dinkel)

HONORABLE MENTION: by Charles Mifsud

 (Charles Mifsud)