Our Four Legged Friends

FIRST PLACE “Dinner on the Mara” by Dean Swartz


This image has all the elements for an award winning photograph…the eyes are sharp, the light is even and I really appreciate how difficult it can be to get a great shot of a leopard as they like to take their kills into the trees amongst the branches. The final thing that made me give this image first place is the connection I felt, the all too brief moment that was captured for all time in a single click. Well done!
Laurie Excell

SECOND PLACE “Elephant Breeding Herd, Savuti” by Lucy Lowther


The first thing that drew me to this image was the post processing treatment. The brown toning and vignette made the image stand out against the rest and closer inspection brought me face to face with this family unit. Again, I felt a connection with the subject as they looked at the photographers…is it curiosity, a stand off or a chance moment when they all came together. I like images that make me wonder about the story behind the photograph.
Laurie Excel

THIRD PLACE by Lewis Kemper


What a perfect example of how getting down low brings you into intimate contact with your subjects. Not only did the photographer capture a very special moment in time, it is made even more so by the low camera angle. The low camera angle also emphasizes the strength and power of these grand creatures. The partly cloudy skies added just the right amount of contrast and the backdrop adds to the wilderness experience.
Laurie Excel

HONORABLE MENTION: “Buck Jumping” by Ricky H. Simpson


HONORABLE MENTION: “Africa” by Bob Miller


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