2015 Macro

FIRST PLACE  by Michael Simeone


 (Michael Simeone)

A very nice artistic image that has a great feel in the post processing. The feather has character in the way it has formed and good angled line in the positioning in the frame. The various sizes and colors of the shells fill in great around the feather. Nice sharp details throughout the frame.

-Mike Moats

SECOND PLACE “Emergence” by Michael Shane


mike_shane@att.net www.photographybymikeshane.com (Michael Shane, Michael A Shane)

What a great find by Michael. Very cool to find the subject and its shell together. Nice contrast in the colors of the subjects and the purple of the flower. Good sharp focus on the subjects stand out well against the darker background.

-Mike Moats

Third Place “Color Transfer Across The Fault Line” by Gary Slawsky


A tennis ball rests in a position on the court bounded by a crack and a white boundry line that resembles a small version of geologic fault. Companion color was added to lower section of boundry line foro balance of the overall image. gary-slawsky.artistwebsites.com gmsphoto4@comcast.net (Gary Slawsky)

Love the artistic design. This has lots of great lines, verticals, horizontals, circle of the ball, and the angled lines in the ball. Love the strong color contrast of the yellow, green, and white. Great positioning of the subjects in the frame.

– Mike Moats

HONORABLE MENTION: “Magical Summer Dew Drops” by Mary Lou Christy


www.marylouchristyphotography.com mlchristy0204@yahoo.com (Mary Lou Christy)

HONORABLE MENTION: by Chris Minihane


 (Chris Minihane)

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